Worldcaching Has a New Owner

February 9th, 2011

Hi everyone, my name is Traci and I am the new owner of Worldcaching. I thought my loyal Worldcaching customers would like to know a little about me…

For many years I was an old fashioned stay at home mom & wife. Kevin, my husband, and I have three children; Doug (22), Nicholle (20) and Danica (16). I’ll tell you a more about each of them and their individual roles in Worldcaching in the future.

When my children were small I ran a very small home daycare, usually only 3-4 children along with my own. I ran it in such a way that my daycare children were treated like my own so that they would feel like they were at their 2nd home while mom and dad were at work. As my children grew up and all started school full time I switched to having part time jobs. When the last place I worked shut their doors forever two of my children had graduated and the third one only had a few years to go. Now that I was forced to finish growing up I started to seriously think about what I wanted to do with my life!

In 2007, for Kevin’s birthday I gave him a small, low model GPS… well that certainly put a stop to any ideas of growing up either of us might have had. Learning about geocaching made us realize that there are still far too many adventures out there!

Our biggest geocaching adventure so far was attending GeoWoodstock VIII for the beginning of our two week family geocaching vacation/adventure. While in Carnation Washington we went to as many of the events as possible including the Street Party put on by Groundspeak and found as many of the geocaches the area had to offer as we could find time for! After GeoWoodstalk VIII we went to Mt. St. Helen’s in Washington State for a couple days of exploring and geocaching. Next came Crater Lake in Oregon State, a truly amazing place to visit and of course geocache. From Crater Lake we went straight to the beaches of Oregon and geocached our way back to Canada.

Mission 9

Finding One of the GeoTriad

While we were at GeoWoodstock I helped Worldcaching’s then owner Nina sell products in the Worldcaching booth. I had a lot of fun and also learned that Nina planned to sell! Now to say that put a bug in my ear would be an understatement. After we returned home from holidays we started the process of putting in an offer. On August 15, 2010 I became the proud new owner of Worldcaching!

I am looking forward to where Worldcaching will take me in the future and reading any comments you may write or ideas you would like to send me…

Traci Penner (aka Groovy Owl)

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