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February 16th, 2011

One of my goals for Worldcaching is to keep the old fashioned standards and expectations that I had for my small home daycare (see previous blog) and still have for my family. I hope my customers will feel they are receiving an old fashioned, high standard of product and service.

It was a fantastic personal accomplishment and the beginning of a great adventure when I purchased Worldcaching last August. I learnt a lot about the business by simply jumping in with both feet. We moved the merchandise from Nina’s house to my house on August 15. We spent a few days unpacking & counting the inventory and being amazed by all the fun things Worldcaching sells. To cause as little inconvenience to our dedicated Worldcaching customers we have kept the website up and running and continued to receive orders while we were setting Worldcaching up in our house. I had my first “in store” customer on August 18 and shipped my first order out on August 19!



To make Worldcaching all it can become in the future I am taking two night school courses at BCIT to learn about the business world and ultimately to serve YOU, my customers better.

Both courses are in Marketing. The course with the most homework and the difficult learning curve for me is Small Business Development. In it I am learning how to do research and write a Business Plan so I can define where I want to take Worldcaching in the future complete with a plan I can follow to do that. The other course I am taking is Social Media for Small Business. This course is quite fun, but still a bit challenging at times as I am learning about all the different ways to market Worldcaching using facebook, twitter, blogs and many of the other types of social media out there. So far I have written a practise newsletter which I am hoping to have finalized and on an online platform to send it out to everyone by the beginning of March. We covered blogs a couple weeks ago and last night we learned enough about facebook to make my head spin, and I am already a frequent facebook user!

The part of the Business Plan I am working on right now with a couple of partners from my class is writing customer profiles and a competitive analysis of other geocaching supply companies. To do this I have asked Worldcaching followers on facebook, twitter and even on my website to volunteer to answer a list of email questions. We are hoping to get at least three distinctive customer demographics, hopefully from different countries. If you are interested in helping out please email me at traci@worldcaching.com.

I am looking forward to learning more about Social Media, what researching for my Business Plan will teach me and of course reading all comments written by my blog readers

Traci Penner (aka Groovy Owl)


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