The Last Few Weeks of Night School!

Posted by Traci Penner (aka Groovy Owl) on 2011 Apr 2nd

The past month has been extra busy with final projects due for both my night school classes.

The Worldcaching Business Plan is all finished and handed in, wow, was it a lot of hard work! All I have to do for that class is finish organizing my presentation then stand up in front of the class and give my presentation! I have some of the fun geocaching containers, coins, travel tags and of course Worldcaching’s own Muggle Cards to show the class so they will get an idea of what geocaching is.

I had my last Social Media class last nWight. I will miss all the people and the instructor for that class, they were all amazing! We learned so many practial ways to use social media to promote our businesses. I plan to use and keep up on many of the different ways to promote Worldcaching that I learned about. The instructor for my social media class, Rebecca Coleman, has her own business with some amazing blog posts that everyone can learn from.

The various topics we coverd in the social media class are listed below along with some of the ways I plan to implement them. Website basics was the 2nd class and after looking at a wide variety of websites as well as what works on websites and what doesn’t I have decided that the Worldcaching website needs a complete overhaul. I look forward to any and all suggestions on what we could do to improve the website for everyone. Check out our April sales on the Worldcaching website!

E-newsletters was another entire class, I have an e-newsletter almost ready to send out. All I need to do is research different websites and decide which provider I am going to use. When I have sent out the e-newsletter I will tweet it and post it on facebook. Blogging… as you can see I enjoy writing the blogs and now that my night school classes are finished I should be able to meet my goal of posting a new blog every Wednesday!

Facebook and Twitter, both of these I had up and running before I started my classes. With everything I have learned I will be working on improving and updating both of them on a regular bases. I will also start to have some fun contests every so often on both sites. YouTube was another fun class and we just finished our first YouTube video. Check it out and let us know what you think.