Big Bolt “Drop & Go” Geocache

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Big Bolt “Drop & Go” Geocache

This bolt offers excellent industrial camo!

This BIG hollowed out 1" bolt has plenty of room for log sheet, you could even fit a stubby pencil inside.

Just drop the cache and go. Not too hard to hide this one.
The finish is natural steel, so it will soon get a rusty finish and will look like it belongs.

There is an "O" ring inside to provide a great low maintenance dry cache. To make this cache even more low maintenance you can upgrade the Complimentary Log Sheet to 4 Log Sheets stapled together for a small additional cost. See the drop down menus below.

Overall length: 3.5" (9cm), inside chamber 1.5" (4cm) deep.

Replacement Log Sheets that fit this Bolt are Item #11204 (10 pack), 4 of the sheets stapled together make a perfect low maintenance cache!

Note: the picture shows two bolts, one open and one closed, but you only get one!