Bison Large Tubes

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Bison Large Tubes

Large size bison tubes available in Black, Green, Red, Blue, Purple & Orange.

Dimensions: Length (without Split Rings) 2 3/4 (7cm), Diameter 5/8" (1.5cm)

TWO sheets of Rite in the Rain waterproof 2"(5cm) wide Log Sheets are stapled together and rolled up inside the bison.

Replacement Log Sheets for this Bison can be purchased with the drop down menu below or by going to Item #11203

If you want more than we have in stock please send us an email and we will bring more in for you.

Quantities in Stock of Each Colour:

Black: out of stock
out of stock
out of stock
: 3 in stock

: 5 in stock
Orange: 4 in stock

**We have more Large Bisons arriving in the next week. If there is a specific colour you are looking for please send us an email to let us know.