Bison "Official Geocache" Scuba Tank: Green

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Bison "Official Geocache" Scuba Tank: Green

These Bisons have:

printed right on them so anyone finding them knows what they are right away!

These quality Scuba Tank shapped Bisons are perfect for geocaching. Not only is the openning of this bison at the bottom rather than the top like most bisons the "lid" is the bottom part of the Scuba Bison so the thread goes from the "lid" of the bison up inside so any water that might try to sneak in will be directed away from the inside. These Scuba Bisons also come with 2 "O" rings to keep the moisture out as well.

Worldcaching has three "OFFICIAL GEOCACHE" scuba tanks to choose from: Green, Black & Camo and three plain scuba tanks to chose from: Gun Metal Grey, Red & Green.

We also include 3 lined strips of cut to size (1.5" wide) Rite in the Rain waterproof log sheets stapled together and already rolled up inside each Bison. The top sheet has the "Stash Note" printed right on it so anyone finding this geocache will know what "geocaching" is once they open it. Each sheet has lines printed on it to encourage geocachers writing their geonames to be tidy! Replacement Log Sheets that fit this Bison Tubes are Item #11204. You can also order extra replacement log sheets with the dropdown menu below.

Size: 2 1/4" (6cm) high x 3/4 (2cm) in diameter