Custom Build a Travel Bug Die-Cut Magnet

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Custom Build a Travel Bug Die-Cut Magnet

Build your travel bug the exactly the way you want it starting at $12.50! Available in magnetic, for vinyl see Product #40219 
Custom Build a Travel Bug Decal.

You make all the choices, please note some choices have an extra cost. See drop down menus below.

TB Number and Geo Name: If you are supplying your own TB number or want to add your Geo Name please type the details into the comment box when you go through the checkout.

**Trackable Numbers are assigned by Groundspeak. You can NOT make up your own number. If you do not already have a pre-assigned Groundspeak Trackable Number we can sell you one of the ones we have purchased from Groundpseak for $4.50US

Magnetic Decal Background Colour:
Our Magnetic TBs are now Die Cut, which means that the background is removed leaving only the image. They do not have a background colour.

**Please note that this product is for the Outside of your vehicle AND should be taken off before going through a carwash!

All Custom Decals are shipped directly from my printer. The all go First Class US Air Mail, except in extreme circumstances and only by special request will these be shipped any other way.