FireTacks® 4D FireFly

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FireTacks® 4D FireFly

25 Pack of Florescent Yellow/Green Blends into the woods while being Hi-Vis at the same time, Super Bright at night.

The Best quality and brightest night trail markers anywhere!

How do you set up a Fire Tack night cache ?
.. well here is one idea.

  • On your Cache Page, post the coordinates to the designated parking coordinates
  • Now the GPS will only be used to track their path
  • Using flashlights the cacher will look for the tacks brightly shining at them in the trees
  • They are brilliant when a light is shined on them and almost invisible during the day
  • Following the tacks through the trails will lead them to a final location- the cache
  • Often two tacks are placed side by side to act as eyes guarding the cache

Great fun to do these caches!