FireTacks® 4D Stealth Bright

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FireTacks® 4D Stealth Bright

25 Pack of High Tech Tan Colour hides your trails completely during the day but reflects Bright Amber Orange at night, a truly awesome combination!

Stealth Bright FireTacks® cost a bit more but are brown so blend in perfectly to the bark of trees. Same brilliant reflectivity as the Diamond Bright but are more camouflaged for more open, frequently used Muggle trails. Worldcaching owners have set up a couple FireTacks® caches and have used these particular tacks with great success!

The Best quality and brightest night trail markers anywhere!

How do you set up a Fire Tack night cache ?
.. well here is one idea.

  • On your Cache Page, post the coordinates to the designated parking coordinates
  • Now the GPS will only be used to track their path
  • Using flashlights the cacher will look for the tacks brightly shining at them in the trees
  • They are brilliant when a light is shined on them and almost invisible during the day
  • Following the tacks through the trails will lead them to a final location- the cache
  • Often two tacks are placed side by side to act as eyes guarding the cache

Great fun to do these caches!