Galvanized Utility Plate Geocache

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Galvanized Utility Plate Geocache

Includes a Rite in the Rain waterproof log in a 4mil Reclosable Baggie AND new and improved features! Replacement Log Sheets that fit this Utility Plate are Item #11201. See the dropdown menu below to add some to your order.


Existing unchanged features:

  • Galvanized finish to resist corrosion
  • Narrow profile to fit in smaller locations
  • "Rite in the Rain" waterproof log sheet in a mini ziplock

Being geocachers our selves, we see a lot of caches and often recognize potential for improvements. Although the original model has been used successfully for years and is still very popular, we have developed some changes that we think will improve the overall performance of the containers.

Some of the issues we have addressed:

  • Logs and magnets drop to the ground when the cache is removed from the hide location.
  • Sharp points and edges on the screws damage the waterproof log bag and Geocachers!
  • Magnets are left on the structure when the container is removed rather than staying on the container.

Solutions: These are some notable improvements we have incorporated into this very popular micro:

  • A permanent clip inside the cover holds the log securely in place.
  • All sharp points and edges are removed to prevent the waterproof log bag or Geocachers from being damage!
  • TWO Strong Disk Magnet are permanently attached to the Utility Plate so the magnet(s) are not left on the structure when the Utility Plate is removed.