Geocaching in Space Mission Patch

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Geocaching in Space Mission Patch

Celebrate the geocaching spirit of exploration with this Geocaching in Space Mission Patch.

An American astronaut will carry a Travel Bug® trackable into space in November 2013. Thousands of geocachers at more than 700 events around the world are scheduled to watch the launch. The Travel Bug will be used to teach students back on Earth about geography and science.

Geocaching will donate the profits from sale of this patch to for use in funding projects that use geocaching as an educational tool.

Size: 2.5" (6.3cm) in diameter

**Note: Worldcaching has a number these in stock and will continue to bring more in each week until interest dwindles or Groundspeak runs out. If you would like a large quantity of these for an event please send us an email at with the GC number