Geocaching Road Trip '15 Patch Set: All 5 Patches

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Geocaching Road Trip '15 Patch Set: All 5 Patches

Are you on the Geocaching Road Trip '15 this summer? If you are, earn the digital souvenir, and celebrate with this cool Patch!

From June 19th until September 2nd, you get the souvenirs to your profile simply by finding the requirements for the 5 Geocaching Road Trip '15 souveniers!

Set includes all 5 patches from the Geocaching Road Trip '15: Bullets:

  • Fun with Favorites
  • Meet Your Road Trip Crew
  • Let's Get Extreme
  • High-Five for the Earth
  • Put on Your Thinking Cap

Measures 3" across and has an iron on backing or you can sew into place.

**Note: Worldcaching usually has lots of these in stock. If we run out of stock we will bring them in with the next Groundspeak order.