Green with Black Trim Geocaching Lanyard

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Green with Black Trim Geocaching Lanyard

This lanyard is a must have while geocaching; it is one of the most durable and convenient lanyards you can buy.

It is a singe layer of strong webbing with a detachable end which is great for quickly separating your GPS and then quickly reconnecting while on the go.

It comes with two attachments that will work with any GPS or hand held radio; it will even work with cell phones, flashlights, and thumb drives.
One attachment is a spring loaded metal hook and the other is a durable string loop.
It also has a safety breakaway to prevent your neck from getting injured during a fall or when snagged.

* Fits anyone.
* Durable polyester.
* Reliable hardware.
* Fits cell phones and GPS'.
* Easy to use and no tangles.