Limited Edition: Gift of Love Geocoin Pendant

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Limited Edition: Gift of Love Geocoin Pendant

Could Signal be...IN LOVE???

Well, we think everyone is going to be in love with this Limited Edition Gift of Love Geocoin Pendant! Expertly designed, this oversized geocoin features Signal the Frog® with translucent glass that radiates when light shines through. This unique coin can travel around the world with its message of Love, add to any collection, be worn as a pendant, or even hang in your window! We held it up in a window here at Geocaching HQ and loved the look so much, that we decided to include a handy suction cup with hook so you can try this at home.

Dimensions: 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches

Each Geocoin gets its own page on where you can track its progress as it passes from person to person or cache to cache. Or make your friends jealous when you let them discover it at events!

This geocoin is trackable at with its own icon.