Magnetic Nano Geocache: Black

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Magnetic Nano Geocache: Black

Nano Cache. Perfect for your local urban Geocaching experience. A built in magnet makes it easy to hide these cache containers in various settings. Extra log included as well as a gasket to water proof the container. Three solid colors to choose from: Black, Silver & Green and three camouflage colors to choose from: Marble, Foilage & Granite.

  • very small cache container
  • MAGNETIC (magnet integrated in the container)
  • with O-ring (100% waterproof)
  • color: black (solid)
  • for a small logbook or coordinates / hints
  • only 11 mm diameter
  • height: 13 mm
  • great looking black plating
  • nice Trade item
  • comes with 2 pre-rolled RiteInTheRain Logs

Replacement scrolls are available with the drop down menu below or you would like to order them separately Item #11205.

**Note: Worldcaching has lots of these in stock right now. If we run out of stock we will bring them in with the next Groundspeak order.