Maker Madness Trackable Tag

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Maker Madness Trackable Tag

Celebrate Maker Madness! This delightful new tag can be used just like any other trackable item or you can use it to celebrate and recognize your favorite makers and cache listings. When you find a cache that really inspires you....drop in one of these tags and add some information to the name and description of the tag leading others to discover great geocaches around the world.

Maker Madness was a series of worldwide events to celebrate and inspire those special geocaches that make this game even more amazing. Let's take time to celebrate those people that weave innovative containers, inspiring locations and powerful storytelling into creative geocache hides.

Maker Madness ran from March 28 through April 7, and the concept of celebrating the best of the Makers makes sense all the time. If you are attending an event (where you will earn a souvenir) or just want to acknowledge a top Maker, this gear will help to celebrate the best caches out there.

Tags are trackable on with a unique icon

Size: 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) in diameter

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