MINI Ammo Can Geocache

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MINI Ammo Can Geocache

Increase the difficulty of your caches with this stylish micro Ammo Can container.
This is fashioned after the a standard Military Ammo Can.

This Micro Ammo Can is made from metal with working parts!

Container dimensions: L=1.75" x H=1" x W=1"

Comes with 3 log sheets stapled together inside a 4mil recloseable baggie. The 1.5" log sheets, item #11204 fits inside the Mini Ammo Cans perfectly. For lower maintenance you can purchase a set of 10 log sheets, staple some together and load up the ammo!

**Note: Worldcaching usually has a couple of these in stock at all times. If we run out of stock we will bring them in with our next Groundspeak order.