Mini Decon Camo'd Geocache

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Mini Decon Camo'd Geocache

New mini decon container made from durable 100% waterproof strong plastic container to withstand all weather conditions. The lid is also made with a slightly softer plastic than the container (and the larger military decon containers) so it is easier to open and close!

The Mini-Decons are "pre-camouflaged" in three different colors. All of them start with a base "Black" color with either a Brown Mustard, Evergreen, or Steel Wool blended into each one. These colors are NOT painted on, they are blended in with the Black plastic during the injection process. No two containers are alike.

Each container comes with a hole for you to attach a strap, hook or carabiner allowing it to be hidden almost anywhere!

Every Mini Decon comes with 3 x RITR Log Sheets stapled together in a 4mil ziplock bag with a pencil. Replacement Log Sheets that fit this Mini Decon are Item #11202

Measures: 2½" x 3¼" x 1½"