Official Deadly Duck Trackable Tag: Sloth

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Official Deadly Duck Trackable Tag: Sloth

We are celebrating 15 years of trackables!

Way back in 2001, the first trackables were sent to travel the world. founder Jeremy Irish released 7 "Deadly Ducks" into the wild and let people know to move them from geocache to geocache. To celebrate this monumental shift in the game, we have seven Deadly Duck Trackable Tags!

In addition to these being fun and cool, the Official Deadly Ducks also automatically enter you in the HQ Duck Dash taking place all over the world from July 20- August 20!

To learn more about The HQ Duck Dash, visit the Geocaching Blog.

If you would like to purchase the entire set of 7 Official Deadly Duck Travel Tags go to this link.

They are fully trackable at, with a special icon so you can follow their travels.

Collect all seven: