Premium Membership Gift Card: 12 Month

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Premium Membership Gift Card: 12 Month

Give the gift of geocaching! The Premium Membership Gift Card is a great way to introduce someone to geocaching, or to treat an existing geocacher to all the features and benefits of Premium Membership.
  • Custom search capability
  • Instant cache notifications
  • Watch lists
  • And much more...
A Premium Membership Gift Card provides the recipient with 12 months of access to premium features on all Groundspeak sites including, and The card can be used to upgrade a new or existing Basic Membership or to extend an existing Premium Membership for an additional 12 months.
We try to have a supply of these in stock at all times. If you want one emailed to you as a gift for someone we can make a personalized certificate and email it to you. When you go through the Check Out please put the details of what you would like on the personalized document in the comment box. Here are some ideas, but please be creative:
  • Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary
  • Include the person receiving the Gift Cards "real" name and/or "geoname"
  • Include your "real" name and/or "geoname"
  • Add another personal message of your choice

If you are having the Activation Code or a Gift Certificate with the Activation Code on it emailed to you please choose "Store Pick Up" when you go through the "Check Out" so you won't be charged for shipping.

The activation code is NOT automatically emailed. After we confirm your payment we will manually email you the activation code. This usually happens within 24 hours on week days, longer on weekends.

We keep the minimum number of Premium Membership cards at 100. If our "in stock" number goes below 100 then we have run out and will have more cards in stock ASAP.

***Although it is not available on the payment page of our checkout process we also accept payment via bank transfer, wiring payment and/or e-transfer. If you would like to pay with a bank transfer or wiring money please choose "cheque/money order" then in the comment box put "Would like to pay by bank transfer/money wire" and we will send you the information you require.

If you would like to pay by e-transfer please send it to "" and email the "security word" separately.