Puncture Resistant Gloves: Size Small

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Puncture Resistant Gloves: Size Small

These great nitrile, puncture resistant gloves have a seamless nylon back.
Amazingly comfortable and easy to take on and off.
Sensitive finger tips so can easily press GPS buttons!

Confidence to reach anywhere, you'll never cache without gloves after you try these!

What is Nitrile?
Nitrile gloves are manufactured using synthetic latex, contain no latex proteins, and are three times more puncture resistant than natural rubber. They offer superior resistance to punctures and abrasions and are also used for protection against a variety of chemicals. Nitrile material also has a naturally low coefficient of friction, making them easy to put on.

No Protein Allergen
Anti Static Behavior
Good Chemical Resistance
High Puncture Resistance
High flexibility
Solvent Resistant

We have them in stock in Orange, Pink and Purple. Choose your colour!

We have the following quantities left in each colour:
10 x Pink
5 x Orange
6 x Purple