SIX Mixed Colour CITO Buttons

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SIX Mixed Colour CITO Buttons

Celebrate your great job cleaning up or remind cachers to clean up when they are near a cache site!

These great 1 1/4 inch buttons are great swag and hardly take up any room in your caching bag.

SIX Buttons: mixed bag of colours and designs. Worldcaching has even more designs than the photo shows. Whether you choose the bag of 6 or 12 buttons no 2 buttons will be the same!

If you have special colour requests let us know. We make CUSTOM buttons so can have any colour you want. Just let us know in the comment box before you pay or you an send us an email with a drawing, photo, etc. of what you want.

Want team buttons also !!! Send us an email and we will make buttons with your team logo on it for a great price.

You may also choose the 12 button option for a better price using the drop down menu below. You will receive 12 different buttons if you choose the 12 button option.

You can also choose to have your buttons individually baggied with the dropdown menu in individual recloseable baggies. This will keep the buttons in great shape if the cache container gets wet inside!