Special Edition: Waymarking 500k Geocoin

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Special Edition: Waymarking 500k Geocoin

In 2013, Waymarking.com is celebrating 500,000 waymarks! Waymarking is an activity all about not what's hidden, but rather about the location. This hobby can take you on a fascinating discovery of learning, history, and even finding locations that many locals don't even know exist.

This coin is big - measuring 2 inches wide! Highly detailed, it boasts a decorative border and Signal the Frog®.

Each Geocoin gets its own page on geocaching.com where you can track its progress as it passes from person to person or cache to cache. Or make your friends jealous when you let them discover it at events!

Each observatory can be identified, is trackable at www.geocaching.com and comes with its own icon.

Size: 2" (5cm) in diameter