Special Edition: Zombie Hunter Geocoin with Travel Tag

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Special Edition: Zombie Hunter Geocoin with Travel Tag

What does hunting for geocaches have in common with hunting Zombies? The gear of course! When we realized that the best gear for geocaching is also the best gear for Zombie Hunting, we knew we had to put together a collection. Fortunately, we were able to get a picture of a well equipped Geocacher, who just happened to run into a pack of Zombies!

From that picture, our very own Roxxy went to work to put together a coin to commemorate those who fight the good fight (against Zombies and hard to find geocaches). This coin is worthy of any collection, and also serves as a badge for the Romero County Zombie Hunters. The front features a classic Zombie Hunter/Geocacher, while the back is inspired by brain sucking Lackeys!

If you do not want to send your coin out into the wild, do not fear! The coin comes with a tag with the matching tracking code, so that can go on tour while the badge goes hunting with you.

Each Geocoin gets its own page on geocaching.com where you can track its progress as it passes from person to person or cache to cache. Or make your friends jealous when you let them discover it at events!

This geocoin is trackable at www.geocaching.com with its own icon.

Size: Coin Measures 2 inches point to point and is 1/8 inch thick.
Tag Measures 1.5 inches point to top.

**Note: Worldcaching has some of these in stock right now. If we run out of stock we will bring them in with the next Groundspeak order.