Trackable Traveler Walking Stick

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Trackable Traveler Walking Stick

Working with Brazos Walking Sticks, Groundspeak has created the ultimate walking stick for Geocachers. The new Trackable Travelers Stick (TM) offers the quality and stability of a traditional handcrafted walking stick, while conveniently unscrewing into three equal parts, making it perfect for easy storage and travel. When disassembled, the entire unit is only around 19 inches (48cm) long, so it'll easily stow away in an airplane overhead bin, in your backpack, or even on the passenger's seat of your car. With its small and discreet disassembled size, this staff can be taken virtually anywhere. In a popular 55 inch (140cm) assembled size, the oak Travelers Stick is sized just right" for the majority of people looking for a handcrafted walking stick to conveniently carry with them on their geocaching adventures. Furthermore, each Travelers Stick is also outfitted with a versatile Combination Spike, making it perfect for trekking on pavement, or off the beaten path. We have even added a unique tracking code to each stick making it discoverable while you are out caching. This unique handcrafted walking stick is made in the USA by the skilled craftsmen at Brazos, using time-tested woodworking methods.

Buy with confidence as the Brazos team offers a Lifetime Warranty against defects with their 100/100 Satisfaction Guarantee. If you're not 100 percent satisfied, return your stick to Brazos within 100 days for a full refund of the price of the stick, or exchange your stick for a low flat fee of only $10 plus shipping. Buy risk free with this comprehensive purchase protection plan. The 100/100 Satisfaction Guarantee covers every stick they sell. So buy confidently. To Learn more about Brazos Walking Sticks, visit

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It is available in Tan, Brown or Red. See dropdown menu below to choose your colour.

**This Groundspeak Product is a Special Order Item that Worldcaching brings in when a customer places a paid order for one. Worldcaching places an order with Groundspeak once a week and we usually have it within a week.