UV Marking Pen

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UV Marking Pen

Groundspeak has run out of these also, they are bringing in a "New & Improved" UV Marking Pen. As soon as they have the new ones available we will bring them in.

Puzzle & Mystery Cache lovers rejoice! The Invisible Ink Pens for use with UV Lights are here and they work beautifully :) Now you have the ultimate tools you need to set an exciting new challenge that the whole family can enjoy.

Set cache instructions in plain site, but completely invisible! Leave hints to challenges, waymarkers, upgrade your night cache and more. Your imagination is the only limit to the fun to be found with these great new tools for caching :)

This fiber tipped marker from Kearing (R) writes on virtually any nonporous surface including plastic, glass, metal etc. The ink is odorless, colorless, and your messages are invisible but illuminate bright blue to UV Lights.

So put your thinking caps on and let's go have some fun!

Worldcaching usually has some of these in stock, if we run out we will bring some in with our next Groundspeak order. Worldcaching places an order with Groundspeak once a week and we usually have it within a week.