Waterproof Stash Notes - THREE Small Size

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Waterproof Stash Notes - THREE Small Size

Three Full Colour Totally Waterproof Stash Notes for $1.00. Great small size stash notes for those small size caches.

2.5" x 3.5" in size (6 cm x 9 cm).
The Waterproof "Dura Copy" .004 Mil paper from Rite in the Rain gives these a nice feel.
We soaked our sample for one week and there was no running - the ink was perfect !

These fully waterproof notes are full colour explaining to Mr Muggle, why you really should join our treasure hunt !

Reads in full colour !

Congratulations, you've found it! Intentionally or not!
This container is part of a worldwide game loved by GPS (Global Positioning System) users. It's like a scavenger hunt - it's called 'Geocaching'. A GPS user hides a "treasure" (this container), and publishes the exact coordinates so other GPS users can come on a "treasure hunt" and find it.
Great! You can join in with us! We only ask:
- Please don't move or vandalize the container. The real fun is just finding it and recording a visit.
- Go ahead and take something if you like. But also leave something too.
Let us know you found it by visiting the website www.geocaching.com.
The GPS Stash Hunt is for everyone with a sense of adventure. If this container needs to be removed for any reason please let us know and we will be happy to move it.
Geocaching- same planet, different world ! www.worldcaching.com