X Marks the Spot: A Guide to Geocaching

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X Marks the Spot: A Guide to Geocaching

"FTF, TFTH, SL, TNLN? What does this mean? X Marks the Spot; A Guide to Geocaching will help solve those mysteries and help you get started in the adventure game that is sweeping the world; Geocaching!

Have you ever wondered how to get your children off the couch or the computer and outdoors for a walk? Does your child like treasure hunts or finding treasure? I have the answer for you; geocaching. Geocaching is an electronic treasure hunt using the satellites and a hand held GPS receiver.

With geocaching you can go for leisurely strolls through the park or go for a hike up a mountain, whatever your level of comfort is chances are that you will find a geocache nearby."

Worldcachig has copies of this new and fantastic book ready to ship. I will be meeting with the author to have her autograph our copies on Saturday, August 10 at noon PST. If you would like us to hold your order for an autographed copy please make a note in the Comment Box when you go through the Check Out.